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Camp Good Eats

Summer fun for body and soul! June 4 through August 3 Camp Good Eats is the place to be this summer. We'll play games, plant gardens, learn to cook, do yoga, play basketball; every day brings new adventures. Plus, we'll be learning together about the fruits of the Spirit for all 9 weeks! Songs, stories, [...] Continue Reading

Mission: Nicaragua

July 23 - August 1, 2018 Partnering with with missionaries Brenton and Deborah Witonski This July, Crossing high school students are going to Palacaguina, where they will help build the Palacaguina Christian Academy, the first bi-lingual Christian school in that city. Some of the poorest people in Central America live in this area of Nicaragua. [...] Continue Reading

Faith & Life Survey

Faith & Life Survey Finding where faith and life intersect so we can better serve each other Our staff has worked in conjunction with Congregation Family Services (CSF), based in Chicago, IL, to prepare the Faith and Life Survey (F&LS) for our Fellowship North family.  These surveys are being used world-wide to equip churches to [...] Continue Reading

Heart At Work: questions for Nehemiah

As we go through Nehemiah, we'll use a weekly process. Instead of passage-specific questions, during this series we will go through the same steps with every passage. The three sheets that you find below will walk you through it. 1. Explanation How to engage with Nehemiah This explanation sheet will provide you with a process for [...] Continue Reading

But As For You: study questions for 2 Timothy

Click on a week below to expand the questions & activities for that week. Weekly QuestionsIntro Lesson Click here for a PRINTABLE lesson Use these questions to prepare for the week beginning Sunday, Oct 1.  2 Timothy: an introduction Reflecting & Catching Up (Take time to reflect and/or catch up with one another) - What was [...] Continue Reading